Work > Something Blue : Installation : Da Vinci Art Alliance 2017

Through the examination of a media-saturated society that portrays women in an endless search for intimacy, I am aiming to raise questions on the personal effects of romanticizing matrimony. Inspired by gender specific stereotypes in present day monogamous relationships and the consideration and introspection of my own experiences, the work confronts the viewer about the relevance of society’s conditioned stance on traditional marriage through narrative. My objects and installations comprised of glass, found object and mixed media tell stories of love, loss, hope, and regret. Intimate objects and forms develop significant meanings for individuals when afflicted by romantic love. These artifacts represent the pulsing rush of longing, and consequently, the hushed emotions that one finds themselves consumed by when looking for love. Intrusive thoughts through obsessive meditation of our beloved, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness are direct results of love’s overwhelming sensations. Romantic love is a need, a craving. Surrounded by various shades of pinks and kitsch adornment, we are invited to explore the transient state of romantic love paired with the idea of classic girlhood daydreams of matrimony. The interaction with these novel experiences give thought to how society’s projections affect our own perception of romance.