Artist Bio:

Paige Lizbeth Morris (b. 1990 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is a glass sculptor and mixed media installation artist. She holds a BFA in Glass from Tyler School of Art at Temple University (2012). In 2012, Morris was the Sculpture Emerging Artist in Residence at Millersville University. She is a recipient of the Jack Malis Glass Award and the Temple Creative Arts and Research Grant. Morris has exhibited work domestically in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Texas. She has taught at various institutions including Salem Community College and Tyler School of Art. Her work is included in New Glass Review #34. She currently resides in Richmond, VA where she is an MFA Candidate in the Craft + Material Studies Program (Glass) at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Artist Statement:

I want to delicately expose myself to you, not unravel.

My work is an ongoing exploration of despair and pleasure, addressing complicated recollections of the comfort of childhood that exist in opposition to the agonizing uncertainties of maturity. These experiences are distilled into the raw matter that structure my dreams, where nameless desires are unveiled when I enter into that odd state of sensibility. Central to my practice is a yearning to unlearn the limiting lessons that were implicitly imparted in my upbringing. In order to do so, I must consider the self-neglect that is generated by my tendency to adopt another’s painful experiences as my own. In negotiating the spaces between what might be seen as hope and hopelessness, I seek to disclose tenderness and trepidation as doorways opening to our interior lives. These entryways gently guide towards a simple path that leads to the unknown realm of self-defined comfort and care.